Looking to find a unique, high quality instrumental beat that's personalized just for YOU? Lets work together to make sure you get that sound you always wanted.


Upon purchase, you understand that the price of one (1) custom beat is $399. You have reviewed "Your Custom Beat Rights" and "Important Information". You are not obligated to paying any fees by reading this. By purchasing, you simply understand the operation and how our custom beat service works.

Details Needed

  • Artist Name

  • Email

  • Your Genre/Style

  • Idea's For Custom Beat(s)

  • Link of a reference beat/song similar to what you're looking for (optional)


Fill out the information above. Send it to You will receive a follow up email with more information on proceeding forward.

Your Custom Beat Rights

  • Sell Unlimited Copies of your Product;

  • Unlimited usage for performance rights;

  • Unlimited Radio Broadcast rights;

  • Artist Owns Rights;

  • Receive Trackout Stems (WAV 24-bit) Files;

  • 20/80 Publishing Split (Key P/You);

  • Credit must be given to Key P example: (Prod. Key P);

  • All fees are non-refundable.

Important Information

Minor revisions are free of charge. Example: "Altering Sounds", "Turning down/up volumes", "Suggesting different drums" etc.

Artist is granted up to 3 major revisions for one (1) custom beat. Major revisions include: Altering genres - Changing from "Trap" to "RNB", or creating entire new beat. For additional revisions, there is a $25 fee.

Payment plans available. Up to 4-month option ($100/month). An Initial payment of $100 is due right away. You will forfeit all ownership of custom beat if payment is not met within the initial time frame. Payment must be received in full in order to receive full rights of  custom beat. No refunds are available.